How Smiling Will Change Your Life & Transform Your Relationships

Smiling will change your life

At one of my previous employers, people thought I was nuts. The reason for this is because I always smiled. So many people in that store were miserable and hated their jobs. I was one of the few that always wore a smile, no matter what.

A smile is a friendly way to say, “Hello.” In retail, it’s a great rule of thumb to greet every customer that comes within reach. Simply saying, “Good morning,” with a smile makes you stand out from the rest. However, at peak seasons there may be too many people to say hi to. That’s when a smile comes in handy.

But there are other benefits of smiling also. A smile gives off a warm feeling. Next time you go to the stores, look around. Are there more people smiling than not? Then, try this. Smile at everyone you see. Most of the time, they’ll smile back. It’s a pretty cool thing.

Relational Benefits Of Smiling

A few months ago, I started a new retail job. Since then, I make sure to smile every time I see a coworker of mine. If I know their name, I will acknowledge them by name too. I’ll smile and say, “Hey Bill!” There are still some people who refuse to smile back, but for the most part, I’ve built a good rapport with the people there.

My managers love having me work there and my coworkers feel comfortable around me. But could you imagine if I did the opposite? What if I went to work and didn’t greet anyone? What if I always had a neutral face and looked down as I walked? I can guarantee you that I would not have the environment at work that I do now.

For example, we just hired some new younger kid. I frequently saw him around, but he didn’t have a nametag. But every time I saw him, I smiled. Then, during small talk, I got his name. After that day, I’ve always smiled and greeted him by name. He’s been at my store for probably a week or two and I’ve already got him to enjoy my company. Every time he sees me, he smiles!

This stuff works. If you want to build better relationships with people, the first and most important thing to do is smile! It’s so easy! And don’t just do it in the market place. Do it at home and at family gatherings. Smile when you answer your phone. Make smiling a part of your permanent make-up and you’ll see incredible results!

How to improve your relationship by smiling more often.

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