10 Board Games For A No Spend Weekend

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10 Awesome Board Games

I love spending time with my family. They’re definitely my favorite people. However, when you’re living frugally on a budget, you may not have money to spend to do something extravagant. That’s why I believe having a collection of board games is crucial. Our regular visitors know that board games are always an option. We’re always ready to enjoy some good old fashions board game fun!

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1. Speak Out

Players: 4-10

Speak out is a ridiculously funny game for those who like guessing games. Every player gets their own mouthpiece and uses it when it’s their turn to go. There’s a deck of cards that have sayings on them. When it’s your turn: Flip the timer. Then, pick up a card and read it aloud (with the mouth piece in your mouth.) Whoever can correct guess what the saying is, gets to keep the card. Keep going until the timer runs out. Then, it’s the next person’s turn. Continue to take turns until 2 full rounds have been completed.

Rating: 7 out of 10

I gave this game a seven (although it’s really fun) because the mouthpiece can feel uncomfortable after a while. Also, drooling occurs often. It’s super gross. Make sure you give everyone participating a paper towel. On top of that, you have to make sure you thoroughly clean the mouthpieces afterwards. We use plastic bags to store them in with the player’s name on them.

2. 5 Second Rule


Players: 3+

This game is absolutely awesome! It comes with a 5 second timer and a deck of cards. When it’s your turn, pick up a card and read it out loud. It will say “Name 3 _____”. Once it’s read, someone will flip the timer. You now have 5 seconds to name 3 ______. For example, let’s say the card reads, “Name 3 cereals.” You will have 5 seconds to name 3 cereals off the top of your head. It sounds easy, but it’s pretty challenging. This game is so funny because people will say the weirdest answer in an attempt to make the time.

Rating: 9/10

I didn’t give a ten because there are some cards that are difficult. Not difficult like, “I needed more time”, but difficult like, “What the heck is that?”. It’s definitely a good way to find out what people know.

3. Life


Players: 2-4

My family was addicted to this game for a while! It’s quite long so it will keep everyone busy for a while. The game of life is literally you choosing how you want to live your life. Do you want to go to college or jump right into a career? You get to have get married, have children, buy houses, sell houses, whatever you want! The person with the most money at the end wins!

Rating: 10/10

What’s not to love about life?

4. Monopoly Millionaire


Players: 2-4

For all the monopoly lovers, like myself, this game is a great variation. It’s shorter than the original game because the first person to reach a million dollars wins! Also, as you go around the board, your piece gets bigger. First, you start with something small. When you end, you’ll have a bigger piece. The bigger the piece, the more money you’ll collect when you pick up cards.

Rating: 10/10

Since this game is so fast, you can play it more than once on a game night. The rules may seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes natural. Just make sure you have a good banker that can keep up.

5. Farkle


Players: 2+

I put this game on this list, but it’s actually a dice game. However, it’s SOOO fun! I can’t tell you how much fun this game is. The way to win is to be the first player to break 10,000 points. It sounds like a lot, but you can get thousands of points in one turn. It all depends on what you roll. There are times when you get no points during a roll and that’s called a FARKLE! This is a risk-taking game. You can continue to build the points on the current roll, but if you farkle it goes back down to zero. If you stop with 1,000 on the dice, the next player gets to decide if they want to continue building your 1,000 for themselves, or start over.

Rating: 10/10

I definitely recommend this game 100% It’s under $10 and will bring your family endless hours of fun!

6. Guess Who


Players: 2

Does anyone remember this game? It’s an older game, but they’ve made newer models of it. You start off by picking a random card with your person on it. Keep your person a secret. The object of the game is to guess your opponents character before they can guess yours. You have your own board with all the characters on it. Begin by asking questions: Does your person have a mustache? If they say ‘no’, put down all the people with mustaches. They are eliminated from the selection because we know that’s not them. Then, it’s your opponents turn to ask a question. Keep going like this until you can correctly guess who they are.

Rating: 10/10

Guess Who is a really fast game and you can take turns among multiple people if you want to. Or you can do a best out of 3 kind of thing. The best feeling is when you can get your opponent to say ‘yes’ to your question. This eliminates so many people and you’ve basically won at that point. It’s all in the questions.

7. Monopoly Empire


Players: 2-4

I remember when this game came out. It made such a big impact on the monopoly world. You know I had to buy it. This variation is filled with all sorts of name brand items as token (beats headphones, xbox controller, and even an angry bird!). Every player begins with a ‘skyscraper’ that they place onto their corner of the board. The ‘properties’ are different sized billboard that go into their corner of the board. As you buy more properties, you slide them into your skyscraper and whoever fills theirs first wins! However, there are many opportunities to play sly cards that can steal or swipe billboards. You never know what can happen in this game.

Rating: 8/10

Although this game is amazingly great, the set up is annoying. Since you have to place all the billboards on the correct property space, it can take a while. This game does go by pretty fast and is still very enjoyable.

8. Taboo


Players: 4+

Taboo is an awesome game. You do need to have at least 4 players though. That’s because this game requires teams. One person will be the describer, while the other is guessing. Each person will have their turn at each spot. The goal is to get your teammate to guess the word your describing without using any of the taboo words. If you say one of the bad words (or if your partner skips), the card goes to the other team. Once the timer is up, the next team goes. You’ll have one person from the opposite team looking at the describer’s card to make sure they don’t say a wrong word. The team with the most cards at the end wins.

Rating: 9/10

The only reason this game is not a 10 is because of the fact that you need 4+ players. We don’t always have that many people over, so it’s not always able to be played for us.

9. Jenga


Players: 2+

Everyone knows this game, right? You set up the blocks, each person takes one out and continues to build the tower with it. Whoever knocks it down loses. This game is also available in super big blocks!

Rating: 9/10

The cleanup can be grueling, but as long as your guests help it’s not so bad.

10. Headbanz


Players: 2+

Headbandz comes with cards, tokens, timer, and headbands. Each player gets their own headband and places it on their head. Another player picks up the top card and places it on your head (without showing you). Everyone gets 3 tokens. Once every player has their own card equipped, it’s time to play. Flip the timer. The first player uses that time to ask questions about who (or what) they are. They have to be yes or no questions. For example, “Am I a person?” “No.” “Am I a thing?” “Yes.” “Can I be found inside a house?” etc.

When that timer is up, stop asking questions. It’s the next person’s turn. If you guess correctly, put a token in the game box. If you skip, you get another token. The first person to lose all their tokens wins!

Rating: 8/10

Although I love this game, not everyone else does. It can be challenging and some people think it’s too hard to play. However, there are multiple variations of it. You should try the kids version. It’s perfect!

Bonus: Monopoly Gamer

Players: 2+
I was so thrilled when we got this game. I’m a huge fan of the Mario series (and monopoly) so when I found out this game existed, I jumped at the opportunity to own it. The game is different from regular monopoly board games. There’s coins, boss battles, and special attacks you can perform. The winner is the person who has the most points at the end, not money. Properties, defeated bosses, and coins can all add to your overall points.

Rating: 10/10

Everyone I know enjoys this game. I love that you can pick different Mario characters. You can even buy more to add to your collection. It’s fast because it runs out once all 8 bosses are beat. I would definitely recommend!

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  1. This reminded me of some of the best games I played growing up! I always loved Guess Who! I will have to have a stay in night with my husband and just play games soon!

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