What Is A Budget?

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Growing up, I had no one to teach me how to succeed at finances. I learned how to win with money after I already had a family to feed. A budget was not in my vocabulary nor did I ever hear anyone around me speaking about one.

My family never had any sort of savings. I had no idea what a budget was and how empowering it can be to have one set in place. I’ll be the first in my family to save money, get out of debt, invest money, and become financially free. I’m not there yet, but it all starts in one place: the budget.

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My husband was spectacle at first, but now he loves having a budget set in place. We know all our bills are covered and we have money to spend on ourselves. I feel at peace in our financial life and we agree on every decision together.

What Is A Budget?

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A budget is a written plan that describes what you’re going to spend your money on. If you don’t have a plan, dollars will fly out of your hand into the hands of someone who does have a plan. Winning with money doesn’t happen by accident. This is one of those things that you’re going to have to be intentional about if you want to succeed.

On a budget, there will be the cost of all your expenses for the month. It will contain all of your upcoming bills so that you won’t accidentally forget a payment. Also, it will have all your income for the month. It will answer these three questions: How much are you making? How much are you spending? And how much is left?

The next step is up to you. You can choose from there what you decide to do with your money. You can save, invest, give, or spend. There’s not really many more options than those.

Some people don’t think a budget is necessary. All of their bills automatically are taken out of their account so they don’t need to worry about missing a payment. A written plan offers much more than that. To me, it represents freedom.

There’s no arguments over money in my marriage because every week, we sit down together and create a plan that we’re both satisfied with. We agree on everything before the week starts. My husband knows exactly how much we’ll have for food, haircuts, clothing, family fun, and anything else.

It’s freedom to me because I no longer have to worry about what the future will hold. If my car was to break down today, I have enough money to get it fixed. Financial problems are inconveniences, but no longer emergencies.

Do You Need A Budget?

I believe everyone should be in charge of their finances. I want you to dictate where your money goes, not other outside sources. We work pretty our tail off to earn money and we so easily give away to major companies that are not for us. Do you really think McDonald’s cares if you’re overweight? Or if BMW cares if you’re behind on rent?

Not only that, but there are important times in our lives we should save for. These include: Buying a home, buying a car, going to college (or sending our kids), a marriage, and retirement. Living in poverty is not fun and we should do everything we can to avoid it.

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If you’re a representation of Christ in the earth, you should know how to handle finances. Why would the world come to us if we do worse than them? And if the righteous are in debt and lack finances, how would we help the needy? Ask the Lord for wisdom in this area if you are struggling here.

Do you have a budget in place? If so, how has it affected your life? What’s your financial future look like? Please, share with me your experiences and journeys in the comments. If you’ve enjoyed this post, please share it on social media to support this blog. Also, check out these related posts:

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  1. I’ve found that some people don’t like the word, ‘budget’. They associate it with being a negative thing. Personally, I think of it as being very practical, and I feel like a very organised mumma when I have my budget in place!

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