Cheap Christmas Gifts That Don’t Suck For Girls

Christmas presents that little girls will love.

Christmas Gifts For Girls

Christmas shopping for children can be so difficult. (Mainly because we aren’t children anymore.) It seems like new toys come out all the time and we just can’t keep up. However, working next to the toy department has taught me a lot about the hot and popular toys that are in demand. And if your budget is tight, don’t worry. All the gifts are really affordable.

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1. LOL Dolls

If you’re the parent of a little girl, you know exactly how popular these toys are. Every girl wants them. However, some of these toys can be priced at around $100! Nevertheless, there are some LOL Surprise gifts you can actually buy for under $20.


2. Frozen 2 Toys

After 5 long years, we’ve finally got to see Anna and Elsa on the big screen again. Frozen 2 toys are so hot right now as girls rekindle their love for them. There are many options and a bunch of them are so affordable!

3. Pomsies

I love cats so this cute little toy is absolutely awesome to me. Pomsies are cute kitties that you can strap on your arm and take anywhere. But that’s not all! They also interact with you by purring, talking, and lighting up. How cute! You can find so many different varieties of these, but here are some.

4. Poopsie Toys

Please don’t ask me why little girls like this, but they do. Slime is fun and everyone loves bright colors. I just don’t understand why it has to be unicorn poop. However, it makes a great gift and can be found for under $20.


5. Mini Brands

These Mini Brands are incredibly difficult to find because they are so popular. Which is why they are a bit pricey online. This is the lowest price I could find and if your little girl wants one, then at least she can get one. But order fast because it’s only a matter of time until they sell out online as well.

6. Little Live Wrapples

These toys are really similar to the Pomsies mentioned before, but these aren’t cats. However, they purr, light up, and talk to their owner. They all have great reviews and any little girl would love to have a friend that she can truly take anywhere.


7.  Baby Shark Toys


8. Shopkins

Oh yes. You knew this was going to be on this list. I love that Shopkins are so affordable because you can buy some here and there. Soon enough, your daughter will have accumulated a bunch of toys for cheap!


9. Hair Chalk

When your baby girl starts asking to change her hair color (and you don’t want her to dye it), these temporary hair colors can be the solution! It’s chalk that you rub on the hair and voila! If you want to remove it, simply wash it out.


10. Enchantimals

Not only are these dolls cute, but they also come with a very cute animal friend. They’re so many to collect and they’re not expensive at all!


I hope you found this list helpful. Christmas shouldn’t be stressful and knowing what items to buy wins half the battle. (The other half of the battle is won after you wrap all the gifts correctly!)

Christmas gifts under $20 that any little girl would love to receive.

Christmas gift ideas for girls under $20.

Girls will love these Christmas gift ideas.


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