Completely Free Things To Do When You’re Bored

Completely Free Things To Do When You Are Bored Featured Photo

Free Things To Do For Fun

The world is filled with so many awesome things to do, we should never be bored. However, when funds are low, it takes creativity to find fun things to do that don’t cost much. All the things on this list are completely free things to do when you’re bored. Not everyone has money to eat out every day or buy craft materials. Living on a budget can be challenging, but it’s doable (and so worth it).

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By Yourself

1.  Learn a new hobby.

What an awesome way to expand your knowledge and skills! Some people always wanted to learn how to dance, sing, crochet, scrapbook, coupon, etc. Why not take the time and learn it? If you don’t like the hobby, you can at least say you’ve tried it.

2. Go to a community sports game.

There are football, softball, soccer, and baseball games every year. You never know which one of those kids may grow up to be a professional player.

3. Join (or host) a book club.

You may have to do some googling to find a book club. I know some libraries host them, but I’m sure there are other groups out there you can join.

4. Begin a journal.

Write down your ideas! Whenever you learn something new and interesting, jot it down. And not on a random piece of paper that will get stuffed in a drawer and never looked at again! Some people enjoy dot journals and other cool variations.

5. Learn origami.

6. Rearrange the furniture in your home.

This will keep you busy for at least a day. All the cleaning and moving can be exhausting, but at least you get to enjoy a brand new room afterwards!

7. Reorganize something completely.

While cleaning, I find myself taking on project that I didn’t initially intend to. I like things organized and at times it’s easier to just to pull everything out and re-place them. It could be a drawer, cabinet, or a bookshelf.

8. Learn a new language on Duolingo.

9. Go for a walk on a trail or in an area you’ve never experienced before.

Picture of a man walking a nature trail

10. Take pictures.

11. Call a friend you haven’t spoke to in a while.

How’s Damaris doing? Or Ryan? Text them or call them and ask them how they’ve been. You never know who needs someone to talk to or a friend to bring with them somewhere fun.

12. Go through your closet and donate the items you no longer use.

13. Deep clean your vehicle.

14. Go to a wine tasting.

15. Look at old photos.

I personally love photos and looking at all the great times I’ve had over the years. Some picture make me grateful for what I have now.

16. Look at cool stuff on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a black hole that sucks me in every. single. time. But I love it. I mostly look at recipes or DIYs. People are so creative!

17. Go through your phone and clean it out.

Delete photos you don’t need, apps you don’t use, and organize the ones that are left.

18. Play video games.

19. Play online games.

20. If you have an old school game console, take it out and hook it up.

Get lost in all the old games you used to play. We have a Nintendo 64 with a box of old games for it. I love playing them from time to time. But on these new HD TVs…. they’re so blurry. It hurts my eyes after a while. But still, nothing beats good old Beetle Battle, Pokemon Stadium, and Majora’s Mask.

Also, we own a PS2 with a lot of games. We want to get more, but we already have games like Simpson’s Road Rage, the Urbz, Kingdom Hearts, the Warriors, and NBA Street: Vol. 2.

Don’t even get me started on our great Gamecube games! (Zelda Windwaker, Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, and even Sonic Adventure 2!)

Picture of Gamecube

21. Bake something fun.

22. Go through your emails and unsubscribe from junk you no longer care about.

23. Pray.

24. Listen to music.

25. Find music you haven’t heard before by your favorite artists.

26. Listen to some throw back songs.

27. Take a luxury bubble bath.

28. Paint your nails.

29. Style your hair.

30. Put together new outfits with the clothes you already have in your closet.

31. Meditate.

32. Explore new parts of your city.

33. Try to write some poems.

34. Begin a collection.

35. Browse the App Store.

36. Binge watch a TV series. (Or movie series!)

37. Go to an SPCA and spend time with animals. (Or volunteer!)

Picture of a cute doggy!

38. Visit a relative.

39. Make a dream board.

40. Write a budget and set some financial goals for yourself.

With Your Family

1. Go to a free zoo.

2. Have a picnic.

If it’s winter, have an indoor picnic.

3. Go to a library.

Most library host free functions or programs that you can sign up for. See what they have to offer.

4. Put together a puzzle.

5. Build a fort out of blankets or cardboard.

If you choose cardboard, your little ones can scribble on it with crayons and markers!

6. Go to a park.

Picture of a playground

7. Go to a park you’ve never been to before.

8. Play board/card games. 

Farkle, anyone?

9. Feed some ducks.


10. Play catch with a baseball or a football.

11. Read funny books together.

12. Organize a sport game.

Who doesn’t like good old fashioned kick ball?

13. Have a water gun/balloon fight.

Picture of water balloons in a pool

14. Walk a boardwalk.

15. Play Mario Party or other family friendly video games.

16. Hold video game tournaments.

17. Watch try not to laugh videos on Youtube.

18. Tell your spouse all the things you love about them.

19. Offer to give them a back or a foot rub.

20. Go outside at night and watch the stars.

21. Go swimming.

22. Have a photo shoot.

23. Play tag.

24. Have races.

My husband and I love to do this. We made a silly video about it here.

25. Bird/animal watch.

We’re blessed because we get all sorts of animals in our yard. There’s rabbits, squirrels, turtles, and even kittens! How awesome is that?!

Picture of a cute bunny.

26. Dress up and role play.

27. Play the pterodactyl game.

My friend made this game up. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly funny. Cover your teeth with your lips. Go in a circle and take turns trying to make the sound of a pterodactyl. Whoever shows their teeth loses!

28. Do impersonations.

29. Play charades.

30. Ask your kids what they want to play. (Uht oh!)

31. Draw or paint together.

32. Take turns making funny faces. Whoever laughs first loses!

33. Build paper airplanes.

34. Make a movie or a play.

When I was young, my childhood best friend and I created a scary movie. It came out pretty good. (Although I was the victim who died!) It’s a great way to get creative and a funny thing to look back on in the future. We even created a Maury skit!

35. Play hide and seek.

36. Have a scavenger hunt.

37. Conduct a science experiment.

You may have to do a little searching online or at a library, but I’m positive you can find a science project to do with the items already found in your house.

38. Play with toys you may have neglected.

Picture of old chalk

Look around and see what’s been bought and forgot about. Is it a pool table? Jump ropes? Trampoline? An air hockey table? A basketball court? Badminton rackets, a skateboard, or a bicycle can all be used to have free fun!

39. Have a movie night with popcorn.

40. Check out and find out when their next free workshop will be.

They have all sorts of cool workshops that your children can be a part of. Also, there’s plenty for adults to attend too. You never know when you’ll have to replace a faucet or a sink!

41. Play musical chairs with your children.

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