How The Daniel Plan Changed My Life

The Daniel plan changed my life.

Before I began eating healthy, I truly did not know anything about food and nutrition. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. However, one day I was at a new store opening up near my town and I saw a book called, “The Daniel Plan”. I was already interested in learning about psychology and how the body works. Therefore, I decided to buy this book and give it a read.

In the car, I opened it up and began reading. The book instantly sucked me in. The Daniel Plan starts off by Pastor Warren explaining that he was an overweight pastor who neglected his health. Once he realized how much he was destroying his body, he decided to make a change. Although he didn’t expect much support from his congregation, the majority of his church members joined him and dozens were changed.

He teamed up with Dr. Hyman and Dr. Amen to write this book. I absolutely trust their input and sincerity. This book was so amazing and my life will never be the same again after reading it. Here are some key things I learned in this awesome book.

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All scriptures are taken from NKJV unless otherwise marked.

We Can Worship God By Taking Care Of Ourselves

I’ve never realized it before, but our body doesn’t belong to us; it belongs to God. We’re simply borrowing it from Him until we meet Him.

“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God and you are not your own? For you were bought with a price; therefore, glorify God in your body and your spirit, which are God’s.”

-1 Corinthians 6:19

Since our body is the Lord’s temple and property, we should take special care of it. Think of all the time the Lord put into creating you. He created you so unique with a purpose. How foolish would it be to destroy the greatest gift God gave to us?

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31

Food Is Medicine

food is medicine

The Lord has given us so many wonderful foods that come from the ground. Yet, we choose to eat man made food from a factory that began in a weird science laboratory.

A lot of people are overweight, yet they don’t have all the nutrition that their body needs to properly perform. That’s because we aren’t eating the right kinds of foods. Food that comes from the earth is full of life giving components we so desperately need. In fact, the Daniel Plan plate is 75% vegetables!

Some people may think vegetables are nasty. But the truth is, if you think a vegetable is nasty it’s because you haven’t tasted it prepared correctly.


The Foods We Eat Can (And Does) Kill Us

The factory made foods are pumped with deadly chemicals that promote diseases and cause us to crave more of it! It’s filled with artificial sweeteners, colors, and substances that we can’t even pronounce. Unfortunately, the food industry’s main concern is profit. Therefore, as long as we keep buying their products, they will continue to pump out this deadly stuff in the masses.

Things to remember:

  • If it takes longer to read the ingredients than it does to eat, don’t eat it.
  • If your grandma wouldn’t use the ingredients at home to cook a meal, don’t eat it.
  • Avoid high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5&6, and hydrogenated oil at all cost.
  • Look for whole ingredients, preferably only 5 or under on the label.

Workouts, Exercise, And Fitness Should Be Fun

Exercise should be fun

The reason why a lot of people think of exercise in a negative way is because they associate it to hard work. However, when was the last time you’ve played a game of tag? Or volleyball? Basketball? Softball? Kickball? Do you enjoy riding bikes? What about swimming? All of these things are exercise and there’s a bunch of other activities out there you can participate in.

Also, stretching tremendously helps the body warm up for the day. If you’re experience pains in your body, you may just need a good stretch. For days, I had chronic back pain and it hurt every time I bent down. Then, one morning I decided to force myself to stretch out that muscle. Nonetheless, the pain went away!

Get into the routine of fun and exercise will no longer be such a hassle!

The Foods We Eat Affect The Status Of Our Brains

This area of the book touched me a whole lot. The food that we eat can cause depression, poor memory, insomnia, low energy, and so much more. It’s so unfortunate because a lot of people consume foods that are killing their brain health and wonder why they’re so depressed. By eating the right foods, we can improve our brain function and ultimately enjoy a better quality life.

The Importance Of Community And Friends

Friends and communities are important when living a healthy lifestyle.

Life is no fun to go through alone! Many people quit on their health journey because of no outside accountability and support. Exercise and eating is so much more fun when you have someone to enjoy these things with you.

When my family first decided to change our eating habits, a lot of people questioned us. It’s important to have a group of people to go to that hold your same values and can encourage you when things get difficult.

Other Things I love About The Daniel Plan

One of the reasons this book is so highly esteemed by me is because the authors don’t just yell at you that you’re wrong and expect you to figure out how to fix it. They walk you through step by step. They supply you with shopping lists and simple exercise plans.

Because of this book, I’m an expert label reader. They teach you everything you need to know to be successful at eating healthy on your own.

It feels good to have people that you trust tell you the truth about the foods we’re eating and how to change your current lifestyle. The doctors provide real life experiences where people have changed their lives (and health) by changing their foods. It’s mind blowing to me that something so simple is not well known.

I’ll never look at foods the same way again. The American diet is toxic and these chemicals are killing us. It’s time to change our family tree for the better and make sure our children know how to recognize real, whole foods. This was one of those books I simply could not put down. It’s truly changed my life forever.

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The Daniel Plan changed my life forever. It taught me how to eat healthy, make exercise fun, and produce everlasting friendships and relationships. Eating healthy isn't hard when you have the right people teaching you!


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  1. I have never read or heard about Daniel Plan..should get the book. Thank you for introducing me to a healthier lifestyle other than the most popular ones. Loved the post

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