DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts To Help You Save Money

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make To Save Money

Valentine’s is a special day to show your loved one just how much they care about you. However, you don’t always have to break the bank to show them your love. Here are some great DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to help you save money and give a very special gift.

Sense Gifts from

A Bag Of Their Favorite Things from

This idea is very thoughtful and they’re sure to love it! How can someone not love a bag full of their favorite things?

Lottery Cup from

If your special someone is into playing lottery tickets, they’ll be excited to receive a bouquet of them! This is a great gift idea that is pretty affordable.

Homemade Mugs from


A Jar Full Of Nuts With A Special Note from


DIY Felt Heart Idea from

I love this idea because it’s something they can use for a long time. If you’re good at cutting out felt letters, you can even personalize this gift!

Memory Map from


Movie Night from

Personally, my husband would love something so sweet and simple like this. It just proves you don’t have to spend a bunch to show how much you love someone.

Make them breakfast In Bed

Have you ever been woken up to breakfast in bed? If so, you know it’s a wonderful feeling. It leaves you feeling loved and thinking about that person all day. This is such a great way to make their day and leave them feeling extra special.

Cook them their favorite dinner.

Another great way to show them you love them is to cook your loved one their favorite dinner. This should be something you know they’d go crazy over. Make them breakfast in bed, then surprise them with their favorite meal.


All in all, there are many great DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to help you save money. If you’re a little low on cash, don’t worry about it. Just pick one of the great gifts above and be sure to tell your loved one how much you love them.

DIY Valentine's Day gifts you can make to save money

Valentine's Day Gifts To DIY

Valentine's Day gifts to make this year to save money

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