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All scriptures are taken from NKJV unless otherwise marked.


“His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.”

-Matthew 25:21

Faithfulness means to be loyal without wavering. It’s vital in your walk with God to grow this fruit because the Lord is a jealous God. He expects to be number one and refuses to share you with any other ‘gods’. The relationship of Christ and the church is a representation of marriage. We know we shouldn’t cheat on our spouses, so why would we think it’s okay to cheat on God? One day we serve Him and the next we serve our selfishness. We have to make a decision and be determined that we will live for God and not for everyone else.

The most powerful thing we can be is consistent. People shouldn’t have to guess what our behavior will look like any given moment. They should know. You’ll obtain better quality relationships when people know they can rely on you to act one way. If you act bad all the time (hopefully not), they’ll know to limit contact with you. If you’re awesome to be around and fill those around you with joy, people will know to go to you when they need that.

In our current society, a lot of people don’t value faithfulness like before. For example, there was a time when people didn’t need written contracts. They gave their word or maybe a handshake and that was just as strong as a contract. They weren’t worried about the other person screwing them over. Nowadays, we need signatures, co-signers, witnesses; all sorts of stuff!


Quality of business declined as well. I was speaking with a mechanic the other day and he was telling me a bunch of stories of crooked people who sell ruined merchandise without any remorse. Those people do not care that the vehicle they just sold could kill someone. They take the money and run. Be very cautious when buying vehicles, even from a car lot.

The same is true for everything. I had a friend who bought a brand new stainless steel stove. Within two years, it completely broke. When the repair man came to fix it, he asked if she did a lot of cooking. (How else would she feed her family?) He explained to her that those stoves are only for show. They’re made for people who cook only once or twice a week. Why didn’t the seller of the product disclose that to her? That’s not what she needed. People are willing to pay more money for something that fits their needs.

Be sure to do thorough research before handing over your hard earned cash for anything!


There’s another area in the world that needs attention for a minute. When I was 12 (back in 2007), I learned there were a lot of people who were playing around sexually just for fun. It was promoted as cool, healthy, and normal. This is incredibly dangerous because kids at that age don’t fully understand sex. It’s for procreation and can pose several health risks if done carelessly. Kids should not be having sex at that age. They should be riding bikes, playing on swing sets, or playing fun games such as hearing things.

We must be watchful of what is going on in the lives of our children. Has anyone here had intercourse with someone and regretted it? It’s an awful feeling. There are songs that promote having multiple sex partners and make it seem cool. Certainly, I’m not the only one who fell into the trap. I’m hoping to save some of you from it. No matter what the current world system says, there’s nothing wrong with waiting for marriage. It provides safe boundaries where you’ll be protected.

With that said, let’s explore some ways we can exercise faithfulness in our daily lives.

Watch Your Words

We’re at the mall and we run into someone who used to be a good friend of ours. We chat it up, ask about the kids, then decide we have to keep it moving. We say, “It was nice seeing you. I’ll hit you up on Facebook so we can get together soon!” Then….. we forget. Most likely not on purpose, but our words should mean more than that. Make it a point to do what you say.

The church should be full of reliable people. We’re not properly displaying the faithfulness of God when we say we’ll be somewhere and then don’t show up. Be real with people. Tell them how you’re truly feeling and if you can’t go, then don’t act like you’re going to. People would much rather you say no than to lead them on.

When you give someone your word, they’ll expect you to carry it out. Don’t be loose with your words. Instead, be super intentional. If you tell someone, “Next time you’re in town, you can stay at my place,” don’t be surprise when they show up at your house with luggage.

I have a good friend of mine whom I trust completely. He’s one of my favorite people. I trust him because ever since I’ve known him, he’s always been reliable. When he tells you he’s going to do something, he does. Every. Single. Time. (He’s more than twice my age so he had a lot more practice than me.) But it’s one of the reasons why our family loves him so much. He’s been voted as a town hero and is a very great man to know.

Practice speaking intentionally. Listen to your words as you speak them. Also, pay attention to what other people say. You’ll be surprised at how many people express they’ll be there for you, but when you need them they’re a ghost.

Give God More

God is an amazing God who deserves more than what we could ever possibly give Him. He appreciates all that we do for Him, but it may be time to raise the standard. How much time do you give to God? How much praise? Do you pray enough? When you do pray, what are you saying? Are you expressing your gratitude enough? Are you reading your Bible? Do you arrive at church on time? Do you go to church at all? Are you a tither? Is one foot in the kingdom and one in the world? Be honest with yourself because God already knows all these answers.

hand raised to the sky

The Lord calls you ‘His’. The scripture says, “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).” God is the lover of your soul and He loves you perfectly. There’s nothing you could ever do that would make Him love you less. If you found a spouse like that, how would you treat them?

As a wife, I love when my husband does things to make me feel special. I love compliments and hugs. I love when he helps lighten my load around the house by helping out with the baby and chores. The best times are scheduled into our lives as ‘dates’. Some days we take the baby to the park and sit together. Other days we watch movies together. It doesn’t really matter what we’re going as long as we’re together and communicating.

If we feel that way, imagine how God feels. We don’t have to do anything over the top. We can just talk to Him. Tell Him that you appreciate Him. Express your love for Him. Compliment His goodness. Give Him gifts.

Before I met Owen, God was my husband. I had purchased this book called ‘His Princess: Love Letters From Your King’, and it helped my relationship with God grow so much. The book is filled with short love letter that are based off of scriptures. I would carry it with me everywhere. My phone never received many notifications so instead of checking text messages, I would pull out the book and read a letter. I received the words as a personal letter from God.

Before I would go to sleep, I would pray and invite God to lay in bed with me. It might sound weird, but I know that He was there. I remember I would hug one of my pillows and act like it was Him. I would talk to Him until I went to sleep. We had a very intimate relationship and I was happier than I had been in my entire life. I was finally happy with myself and I didn’t need anyone else but God to tell me I was enough. It truly was some of the best moments of my life.


Be On Time

Being on time is a great way to display faithfulness. When we commit to be somewhere at a certain time, we should follow through with it. The Bible calls us to be excellent and excellent people are not late. They have high standards on how they will live. They go the extra mile and do what is right because it’s right. I personally know people who struggle in this area, so I’ll give you some tips.


1. If you know it takes you a long time to get ready, get out of bed earlier.

It sucks to have to rush everywhere and to be honest that makes us really edgy. I personally hate rushing so it’s worth getting up earlier to me.

2. Schedule out your morning and begin a routine.

Knowing what you’re doing and what you’re about to do makes life so much easier. You won’t have to spend the extra time wondering what to do next.

3. Lay out your clothing the night before.

I personally love doing this. My whole family sleeps in one bedroom. My husband and I get up extremely early. It makes my life so much easier to know where my clothes are when I get up. This way, I don’t have to struggle in the dark to find me a t-shirt without trying to wake the baby. I grab it and go.

4. Get in your car earlier.

All these things won’t matter if you’re still getting in your car late. The truth is, traffic is unpredictable. It might take longer than usual to get where you need to be. When you have time to spare, you can do the speed limit without road raging because you’re about to be late. If you’re late, it’s your fault and not the person who was driving in front of you.

5. Pray!

God has this cool, weird way of making time work for you. I remember days when I thought I was gonna be late for work. I would pray to God and somehow I would get there early! It wouldn’t make sense to me, but I sure was happy about it.

There are certainly more ways we can grow in faithfulness to God and our fellowman. Start with holding true to our words, giving God more of us, and being on time everywhere that we go. God will show you where to grow first. Thanks for reading and I pray this list helped you.

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