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My name is Ariel Shanelle and I LOVE to learn about finances! I found out that there are different strategies to managing money. I always wondered, “How can someone who is poor become rich?” After partaking in these following resources, I learned that you CAN become rich. It’s a mindset and once you learn how to win, nothing will stop you. These financial resources changed my entire view on money. I hope they do the same to you and teach you how to be successful in this area.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

This book taught me that being poor or being rich is a mindset. It’s more than just an action, but an entire way of life. A poor person could never truly be rich unless they learn to change who they are on the inside. They own a whole different lens in which they view the world with. This book was a very good read, and it isn’t that long. I would definitely recommend.

Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins

Wow! This book is amazing! Unlike the previous one, this book is HUGE!! It’s a monster sized book, but I promise you that every page is worth reading. I LOVED reading this book so much that I just purchased it myself! I plan on reading it again. Tony is extremely trustworthy and he’s one of those guys who were poor at one time. (I mean so poor that he considered fasting for a week because he had no money for food.)

This guy turned his poverty into progress. In this book, he covers multiple topics, such as money myths, how to invest, and what he’s learned by interviewing dozens of rich, successful people. What makes them successful? Also, all profits from this book go directly to Feeding America. Why not invest in it?

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

The thing that made this book so dynamic for me was the fact that Dave Ramsey actually learned all his money tactics from the bible. He learned that God had a lot to say about finances. I connected with Dave because he shares his personal story without shame. This man went from millionaire to poverty REAL FAST. He had to climb out from the hole he created for himself and start all over.

I love his personality because he’s funny and relateable. He gets it because he’s been there and has experienced stupidity. There’s plenty of testimonies in the book that are great motivation. If those people can do it, why not you?!

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

This 9 week course can change your entire life if you allow it. Dave teaches you how to budget, invest, save, spend, and even how to get on the same page as your spouse when it comes to money. He explains the importance of insurance and how to ensure that your family will be taken care of if you leave this earth today. This program has changed the lives of so many families, including mine. The cost may seem high, but it’s worth every penny. (Also, I think around the holiday seasons they have a buy one, get one free promotion.)

Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze

You know Dave Ramsey, but have you met his daughter Rachel Cruze? She’s a New York Best Times selling author and this book gives great insight of how being a Ramsey kid affected her. I love how they tag teamed in this book because Dave will say how they taught them, and Rachel will share her experiences of their techniques.

This book taught me the importance of teaching your children about money as soon as you can. If you teach your children to work for their money and the value of a dollar, they will be less likely to waste it. If you give them the freedom to make dumb money choices under your wing, they’ll be more prepared for the real world when they leave home.

Sometimes we have to make dumb decisions in order to learn, and that’s okay. But it’s not okay to set our children up for failure by protecting them from every bump on life’s road. Teach them to budget, how to write checks, how to invest, and most importantly to work for their money. I wish the school system taught our kids how to handle money, but it’s the parents responsibility to ensure the success of their children. My son is only two and a half right now, so we’re currently on the jar stage.

This book teaches that when your child is around three, they can begin to earn their own money. When they help with laundry or chores, give them a dollar immediately after. This way, they learn to associate money with work. Then, put it in a clear jar where they can see all the money they’ve earned. Let them take the jar to the store and make their own purchases. So far, my toddler purchased a pack of play cars with his first $5! That’s a big deal!

Anyway, this book walks you through the entire life of a child and different strategies to teach them to be smart with their money. 100% recommended!

I’m always reading so I’m sure there will be more resources I will add to this list. These are my top recommended books to read if you want to grow in your finances. Are there any financial books you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Financial resources that will change your life! You'll never look at money the same way again!

Your financial life will never be the same once you read these books on personal finance! The tips in these books will lead you to financial success and independence!

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