Grow In The Spiritual Fruit of Gentleness

Grow in the spiritual fruit of gentleness

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All scriptures are taken from NKJV unless otherwise marked.


“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.”

-James 4:10

The word gentleness is the same quality as humility and meekness. They all mean this: submission to the Lord, knowing one’s sense of worth and mildness of temper. A humble person is not trying to impress others because they already know who they are in Christ. They carry themselves in authority and is aware of all that belongs to them.

A meek person has the ability to harness their emotions and dictate which actions they will take. A gentle person is not critical, sharp, or pressing. They’re understanding and know which words to speak at what moment.

This is probably the most difficult Christian virtue to master. It feels good to get revenge when it’s in your power to do so. A meek person allows the Lord to fight their fleshly battles while they obey Him by praying for that person and blessing them. A humble person is not puffed up. They know they can do nothing apart from God and rely on Him in all circumstances. It’s a great understanding of, “I’m not better than anyone else, but I have all power through Christ Jesus to do all that needs to be done on earth.”

The best way to grow in this area is to constantly be connected to the Holy Spirit and continually water the fruit with the Word. Try these tips below to really boost your humility walk.

Practice Listening and Understanding

I understand that it’s more fun to talk than it is to listen. Although it may be challenging, you’ll reap magnificent rewards if you pay more attention to what people are saying. People like when they can talk to someone and know they’re being heard. Have you ever told someone a whole story just to look over and find out they were sucked into their phone the whole time? That feeling sucks! You feel mad, disappointed, and frustrated. Plus you definitely don’t want to repeat that entire thing over again! However, we usually do. Have you ever had to repeat yourself so many times that you just give up? Please don’t be that person.

The key to any relationship is communication. Two people can yell at each other all day and still say nothing worthy to each other. It’s very hard to listen while you’re speaking. Zip it and hear. People will talk if they know someone who cares is listening.

Girls sitting chatting and smiling

Not only listen, but don’t judge either. Show compassion and mercy. There will be a time to offer advice, but some people don’t need that right now or they aren’t ready for it. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be treated nicely. Treat everyone with love. One of the greatest things I admire about my husband is how he listens to me. I don’t know how he does it so well, but it makes me feel important.

Practice this form of gentleness anytime someone contacts you. Give them your undivided attention and let them know that they didn’t waste any words while talking to you. Even if you’re in a rush, stop for people who need you. Not everyone, but God will nudge you when to slow it down for somebody.

This was the quality of Jesus. He never sent anyone away from Him. The multitudes were so large, they almost sunk His boat. There were a few times He was almost crushed by all the people who wanted to be near Him. Remember that He fed the 5,000? That number only accounts for the men. The woman and children were NOT counted. Imagine if every man had one wife and one kid (although it’s more likely they had more than one kid per family). The number easily jumps to 15,000! Jesus had an extremely large ministry.

He stopped to listen to the Samaritan woman at the well. He stopped for Zacchaeus and went to his house. Plus, He stopped for the blind mute, for the man with dropsy, for demon possessed people, for the lame, and for the leper. All these people are those who would have been outcasted by the religious people of that day. Jesus broke all their religious rules and showed us that everyone is important. It doesn’t matter what they look like, what their struggle is, or what their marital or social status is. If they are a human (being made in the image of God), they are important and should be treated as such.


Take Your Trust With God To The Next Level

I recently had to do this myself. It’s easy to pick apart the Bible and decide what we’re going to believe. However, I came to the point where I had to ask myself, ‘Am I going to believe all of it or none of it?’ Of course, I decided to plunge in and believe God. It definitely took a leap of faith. Now, I hand all things over to God and tell Him what I expect according to His Word.

Like this: “God, my car needs to be fixed. Your Word says you will supply for all my needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. You gave me this car as an answered prayer. The enemy can’t have it and has no right to touch it. Show me where to begin on how to fix it.” Or maybe: “Lord, when I go out today, give me blessed favor. I obey You and I’m loyal to you. Your Word says those who hear Your Word and obey it will be blessed.”

There’s a bunch of promises in the Word of God. He’s not a liar and He’ll prove it to you, but you must trust Him. Always ask God. He can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we may ever ask or think, so why not ask?

Get To Know Who You Are In Christ

The identity the Lord gives us is different than what they world says we are. Although the world may only see our failures, in Him we’re holy. He considers us lovely, while the people around us may mock and shame us. He created us with a purpose. Others might not believe in your success, but God does. We’re royalty! There’s no need for us to believe anything different about ourselves.

If you want to learn more about who you are in Christ, good places to start include Colossians, Romans, and 1 Peter. You can find multiple descriptions of who you are as God’s child. However, I don’t want to lay it out completely for you in this post (maybe in an upcoming one) because I want you to open your Bible. It should be used regularly. I want you to bond with it like you’ve done with your phone. You could even download the Bible App if you haven’t already. Always keep your sword with you.

Listen To Worship Music More

Worship music really gets me in the mood for more of God, which is a good thing. After a good worship session, I feel empowered and ready to conquer the World. Mix worship music with some scripture meditation and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success! Some time alone with God can work miracles. (Literally!)

Get pumped for God. Get excited. Stir yourself up and then go stir other people up. Find yourself some good songs that rejoice over God, talk about His goodness, or talk about our victory in Christ Jesus. Let’s celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! Let’s sing out praises to our King!

Worship music is a great way to meditate on the goodness of God without even noticing. If a song gets stuck in your head, you’ll be singing praises all day! It’s a wonderful way to renew your mind and begin to think like God does. You don’t have to wait until Sunday to listen to worship music. No! It doesn’t matter what genre you like, there’s no excuse to not listen to Christian music. I’ll list some great artists below.

Girl with headphones

Rap: Datin, Bizzle, Andy Mineo, Lecrae

HipHop: Jered Sanders, Jordan Armstrong

R&B: Uncle Reece, Mary Mary, Cece Winan, Jamie Grace, The Walls Group

Intimate: Andy Mineo (Candy Rain), Jordan Armstrong (So easy), Bizzle (All Over Again), LeCrae (All I Need Is You), Canton Jones (W.O.G)

Classic worship: Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Elevation Worship, Casting Crowns

Hype worship: Erica Campbell, Tye Tribbet

Country: MercyMe

Obviously, there are so many more that I don’t have the time to write them all. The options for us as Christians are endless. The genre of the song doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the lyrics are glorifying the Lord. Good Christian music will help you grow because it will motivate you to come up higher and live a life of obedience.

Ultimately, growing in the fruits of the Spirit take time. You will get there as long as you stay near to God and practice the things He reveals to you. Don’t be disappointed when you fail. Instead, dust yourself off and try again! You’ll be walking in gentleness sooner than you think!

“By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches and honor and life.”

-Proverbs 22:4

Grow in the spiritual fruit of gentleness

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  1. This is such a great post!! Gentleness is something I take to the Lord every day…I grew up in a loud, brash, Jewish, New York family so gentleness is not something I have in the natural LOL But He molds me day by day!! Thank you for this!! I also love that you shared the different genres of music and the artists in them!!

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