Habits Of Wealthy People That Set Them Up For Success

Habits of highly successful and wealthy people that set them up to win at life.

Habits Of Wealthy People

There are a lot of highly successful people in this world, but there’s also a lot of people who aren’t wildly successful. What’s the difference between the two? How can two people endure the same exact situation and yield tremendously different results? We hear about it all the time. Two siblings suffered the same hardship, yet one turned out to be a CEO and the other one is a crackhead. WHAT??

There are habits of wealthy people that others may not realize. These habits set them up for success by creating a path that allows them to chase their dream. Let’s take a look at these different habits so you can add them to your routine.

Read Often

While the average American reads around 4 books per year, most CEO’s read a book a week (that’s 52 books a year!) [6] One of the easiest way to see how much someone knows is to check their library. When you fill your mind with junk, then your body produces trashy results.

The differences in what people read determines the results they’ll receive. For example, if you spend a lot of time reading a fictional book, chances are you probably won’t learn how to make money. I know it’s entertaining, but a nonfictional book will guide you into the steps it takes to be successful. That’s what most wealthy people are reading.

Make Learning A Priority

'Work harder on yourself than you do on your job' -Jim RohnClick To Tweet

How is it possible that two people can be employed at the same business and one gets paid more than the other? It’s not because of color, clothing, or status. The real reason is because they’re more valuable in the company’s eyes. They may have more skills or be an expert in an area beneficial to the company’s success. Most business are willing to pay a person more money if they believe they will get the job done effectively. The key to making more money is to learn more skills.

Make learning a priority. With the technology we have today, there’s no excuses. Most towns have a public library that allows you to read books for free. YouTube can be used to access an unlimited amount of speeches, recorded seminars, teachers, and shows.  Please take advantage of these resources and grow every single day.

Become wealthy by mastering the art of learning new skills.

For example, I’ve recently stopped listening to music in my car. I didn’t purposely decide to, but I found myself addicted to listening to recorded seminars during my work commute. Each day, i can feel myself growing in knowledge and self awareness. Plus, it’s time I was already burning so why not turn it into something productive?

How can you find time in your every day life to get more information to you? Can you listen to videos or tapes while cleaning the house? During your workout? Also, there’s great websites that allow you to listen to audio books at a subscription price. The possibilities are endless. You just have to find what works best for you.

Set Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Goals

What would happen if you got in your car and began to drive around with no destination in mind? You’d drive around aimlessly for hours until your car runs out of gas. That’s exactly what happens when we live life without a desired outcome.

Ask yourself these questions, “What do I want out of life?” Whatever your answers are, you must come up with a plan to achieve it. There’s no hope in hoping. Life gives you what you put into it. The Bible calls this process ‘reaping and sowing’. If you want a certain outcome in your life, you have to take the actions to assure these results come your way.

When you make yearly, monthly, and daily goals, you’ll know which direction you’re headed in. You’ll have a road map and a GPS to show you which way to take and how much progress you’re making. It’s a great way to take inventory of your time and ensure you’re making satisfactory headway.

Motivation moves us when we have set goals to achieve. Once a task is completed, check it off the list. I guarantee you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment. This can cause a domino effect to unfold and result in you making tremendous progress in a short amount of time.

Master The Art of Delaying Gratification

Delayed gratification is the ability to do something less pleasurable right now for a greater result in the future. Most people in the America society today do not practice this skill. Credit allows people to buy an item they cannot afford right now and pay for it later. However, this approach causes people to live paycheck to paycheck and fight to barely stay afloat.

The average car payment is priced around $523 a month. [1]  Adding such a large bill to your monthly expenses is simply not a wise decision. A wealthy person always pays cash for a vehicle for reasonable price. One of mindsets the wealthy carry is they don’t care what others think of them. They’re not in competition to have the nicest car. They’re in competition to make the most money (or add the most value).

The bottom line is a car costs money to own. Wealthy people are looking for ways to grow their income, not decrease it. By mastering the art of delaying gratification, they can grow their income much faster and then buy whatever they want; Instead of buying whatever they want in the moment and having less money later.

“Wisdom is doing now what you are going to be happy with later on”. ― Joyce MeyerClick To Tweet

Have A Budget

Wealthy people use and stick by a budget so ensure success

Similar to how a goal calendar monitors your time, a budget shows where your finances are. How can we possibly think to get ahead on our finances without properly managing it? A budget allows us to decide in advance where our money will go. This way, we won’t wonder where it all went. A budget puts us in control of our money instead of it being in charge of us.

By writing it all down beforehand, a wealthy person will know exactly how much they have to spend in each category. It’ll put them in a position to maximize their income in every way. Their desire to win at money will push them to follow through. After all, why spend time budgeting if you’re not going to use it?

Be Proactive

A wonderful trait of successful people is they don’t simply react to what’s in front of them. They learn to be great at managing their own self in order to act accordingly during times of high turmoil. Life happens to every one. Bad times come and go, but they’ll always come. A wealthy person knows that and prepares themselves for the unthinkable.

Most people go through life reacting to everything that comes their way They allow the weather, traffic, other people, and struggles determine their emotion. Instead of living life dependent on external circumstances to make us happy or put us in a peak state to achieve our goals, we should actively be happy.

Decide today who you are and what your life is going to be like. Don’t allow outside factors to influence how you feel within. Making that decision will give you immense power and set you up for success.

Since wealthy people manage their thoughts and emotions, people enjoy their company. They’re not negative. They don’t complain. Instead, they’re full of positivity and that attracts others. Those who do not enjoy positive people are people who are extremely negative and complain all the time. Most wealthy people do not associate with these people for a long period of time anyway, so that works itself out. After all, how can two walk together unless in agreement?

Find A Mentor

A key role in being successful is having a mentor. A mentor is someone who can teach you from their mistakes and successes. You want to find a mentor who is where you want to be. Obviously, you only want a teacher who is living the life you desire to live. Then, they can share with you all their secrets and challenges they’ve overcome.

A mentor can help you reach your goal much faster because you won’t have to endure all the trial and error. Of course, everyone makes mistakes. However, you can learn from their past mistakes and jump right over those small bumps in the road.

Mirror Someone Who’s Successful

One of the best ways wealthy people achieve their desired results is by imitating the actions of someone who already has those results. Since we reap what we sow, we can be sure that implementing proven strategies will allow us to reap the same outcome as those who walk in them.

For example, if we wanted to learn how to create Chicken Parmesan we would find a recipe online. Then, we’d read through all the ingredients and steps and evaluate if it’s doable for us. If we decide that it is, we buy the necessary ingredients and follow the recipe. We can be sure that we’ll get the same result every time as long as we follow that recipe. Also, we don’t have to be a master chef to make great food as long as we follow the recipe.

Strategies can be applied in the same fashion. We don’t need a degree in finances to copy someone else’s financial strategies that are proven to work. All we need to know is how they do it and then mirror it.

Value Their Time Above All Other Assets

Wealthy people use their time in the most effective way they can.

The most valuable thing any of us have is our time and those who are wealthy know it. Money and material items can be replaced, but time can’t be. Getting paid per hour (for their time) is painful to the wealthy person. They could be using that time to set up money machines that will pay way more. A money machine is a source of income that pays you while you sleep.

Once a wealthy person establishes and successfully maintains one source of income, they create a new source. This ties in with the reason they’re always learning. How could they possibly create another source of income if they’re not mentally equipped to?

After creating multiple money machines, income will flow in while they get to use their most valuable asset doing what they enjoy. A wealthy person doesn’t just have money; They also have successful relationships. With free time, they have the ability to nurture relationships and ensure they remain healthy.

Remain Focused On The Current Task

Typical people find it hard to remain focused on one task at a time. However, studies show that multitasking costs time and excellent results. [2] When you pour all of your intensity into one project, you yield a higher productivity rate in less time. When you switch between tasks, your brain is forced to readjust to each project. This results in poor quality results due to a lower intensity of focus.

Don’t Allow Interruptions During Times of High Productivity

Since wealthy people know the high value of focus, they cut off all ways they can be interrupted during a peak state. They don’t want to lose their train of thought while creating something magnificent. This means they’ll lock their door, have a quiet background, and may even silence their cell phones.

The average person allows their phone to interrupt them throughout the day without realizing that it’s stealing their time. Taking a call from your mom and getting a notification on Facebook that sucks you in for 30 minutes are entirely different.

When you feel your creative mood peaking, be sure to allow it to grow without interruptions or you may lose that spark.

Add Value To Others

Every wealthy person knows that no one will buy a product they don’t want or need. In other words, the key to making a solid product is to know what people need. If you create something that adds value to other people, they’ll want to buy it.

For example, if your business is making soaps you’ll want to know what your target market is currently searching for. If the new trend is charcoal soap, but there currently isn’t an existing charcoal soap that uses all natural ingredients: You’ve just found a gap! By creating a product that’s unique and wanted, you’ll be sure to attract customers who are looking for that exact product.

Another way to add value to others is to create a product that helps them through a situation you’ve already encountered. Let’s say you’ve raised four children. Throughout the years, you’ve learned how to master time management as a stay at home mom. You can create a product that helps others master this skill who are where you used to be.

You see, it’s not about money at all. As long as you focus on adding value to other people, money will find you. Successful people know this.

Constantly Create Ideas 

Wealthy people constantly create great ideas for products and revenue boosts.

Successful people never shut the door on creating new ideas. Since adding value to other people is the way to gain money, a wealthy person will always be ready to record ideas that may help others. You may notice a wealthy person walks around with some sort of notepad or note app on their phone. They’re ready to catch an idea before it gets lost in the sea of forgetfulness.

While they’re busy reading and learning, ideas will begin to form. This will set them up for more and more success.

Have High Standards

Average people are considered average because they set average standards. They don’t hold extremely high expectations and receive exactly what they expect. They’re absolutely fine with living life the way others do.

On the contrast, wealthy people set higher standards. Therefore, they also receive exactly what they expect. When they set goals, they overachieve them. Life only gives us more of whatever we allow. If we raise our standards, we’ll have no choice to cut off things that aren’t giving us the results that we desire to receive.

Release and Attract Positive Energy

Successful people mentally prepare for their day and make a decision ahead of time how they will behave and feel. Don’t allow yourself to grow branches out of negative emotions. You can change how you feel by controlling or shifting your mindset. [3] Wealthy people learn to control their minds because they know everything else flows out of that. Positive affirmations really help you achieve your goals.

The way you talk to yourself if the most important communication you can ever learn. [4] Many people will say things about you, but what are you saying about and to yourself? Your beliefs of who you are will always override every decision in your life. Wealthy people spend time maintaining a healthy self image and remaining positive during the most troubling situations. When you know who you are and where you’re headed, it becomes easier to bypass all the small flaws of life.

Eat Healthy And Exercise

According to healthdate.org, “An estimated 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight. Nearly three-quarters of American men and more than 60% of women are obese or overweight.” [5]  It breaks my heart to hear such things because of the harmful health effects of eating non-healthy foods.

Wealthy people understand that in order to function their best, they have to eat foods that are going to optimize their performance. You get a different level of energy from eating fruits and vegetables compared to a frozen TV dinner. One allows you to feel light and energized while the other causes you to feel bloated and tired. Food is considered fuel to the human body. If we put water in the car’s gas tank, what would happen? The car wouldn’t run! How can we expect the human body to ‘run’ without the proper nutrients it need?

Exercise is a great, natural way to fill up on energy. On top of that, it physically prepares you for the obstacle life tosses your way. Regular exercise helps the body to remain in a youthful state. What happens to water when it becomes stagnant? It adopts a smelly smell so horrible and doesn’t have anything offer thirsty passersby (except maybe disease!). Don’t allow you body to become stagnant. Stretch daily and exercise to remain effective.

Maintain Good Hygiene

No matter how much people try to deny this, humans make lasting first impressions when they encounter one another. In order to attract other people to your business or your life, it’s imperative to practice good hygiene. No one (I don’t care who you are) likes to be around a smelly, dirty person.

Gif of fish dying from spongebobs smelly breath

Wealthy, successful people know this. They make a habit of showering regularly. Also, they make an effort to appear presentable. Humans like things that look nice. They just do.

Wake Up Early

If you're going to be successful you've gotta be willing to give up sleep.' -Eric ThomasClick To Tweet

Successful people get their day started earlier than the average person because they have a lot more to accomplish. Dreams are not going to chase themselves and every minute is precious. While sleep is important and you shouldn’t neglect it, having disciplined sleep patterns will set you up to be a winner.

The earlier the better. When everyone else is asleep, you can be working on making your goals and dreams a reality. What happens when there’s someone out there who has the same exact dream as you? You’ve got to outwork them. Which means, you have to get up earlier. You’ve got to read more books than them.  You have to grind like never before.

No Fear In Saying No

A wealthy person is not afraid to tell someone that they can’t go with them to the club. Or they can’t make it to that football party. Also, they tell the person immediately because a successful person knows how important honesty is. Time is valued and they certainly don’t want to waste anyone else’s time. They don’t suffer from fear of missing out because they’re so occupied with reaching for their goals.


The activities, values, and habits of wealthy people differ from those of poor people. These include:

  • Reading consistently
  • Learning constantly
  • Setting goals and overachieving them
  • Mastering to delay gratification
  • Using a budget
  • Being proactive
  • Imitating successful people
  • Finding a mentor
  • Valuing their time above all
  • Shutting the door on distractions during a peak state
  • Adding value to others
  • Always creating ideas
  • Setting high standards
  • Operating in positivity
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Getting up early
  • Putting their needs before the wants of others

If you desire to achieve better results in you life, decide to make these habits a regular part of your routine. Start small and grow from there. Have you noticed habits of someone successful that I forgot to list? Or have you started a habit that led to your success? Share your story below.

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