Hot Christmas Items That Are Selling Out Fast

Hot Christmas items that are selling out fast.

Christmas time is here again and it’s time to begin holiday shopping. Many people missed a bunch of the hot Christmas items last year. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of hot items to keep an eye for this year. Please, take a look below and be sure to tell me if I’ve missed any.

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Arcade 1-Up

These things are the new craze! I understand why because arcade were a big hit when they first arrived on the scene. Now, decades later they make a reappearance and we still love them so much. These arcades each come with 4 different games and there are plenty of different types to choose from.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find them online. Therefore, you may want to consider checking out your local Walmart to see if they have them in stock. Be fast! These awesome nostalgic toys are selling out fast!

PS4 Pro

People absolutely love the PS4 Pro. I’m assuming it’s because it has 1 TB of memory and performs better than the regular PS4. Plus, this baby runs games in 4K! If you’re considering buying a PS4, pick the better option.

Poopsie Unicorn Slime

Yes, this toy again. I had to mention it again because this item is super hot. It seems like this is the only toy little girls want this year. It’s rainbow colored slime and the Poopsie Surprise comes with a unicorn.  The Poopsie Pooey Puitton is the newest toy on the scene and can be found in stores for 69.99 before taxes. Therefore, if you find one below that price: snatch it up! You don’t want to miss out on this hot item.

Lol Surprise

Obviously, LOL Dolls are still a hot items. Since last year, they’ve released many more toys such as the underwraps and the pets. The good thing is the price on some of these toys have dropped since last year. If your child wants one of these, it’d be a great time to buy them.


Ryan’s World Toys

We cannot keep Ryan’s toys stocked on our shelves and my store. Everyday, I have a customer asking for Ryan toys and I have to sadly tell them we are all out. As soon as they come in, they’re gone. Don’t wait until the last minute to try to grab his toys. They will be extremely hard to find.


New Furreal Friends

The new Furreal Friend this year is Ricky, the dog. He can be priced at over $100. This is why the tiger or the dinosaur may be the better option. This is a decision you would have to make according to what your budget looks like this year for Christmas. However, these toys are hot items and you certainly don’t want to wait to purchase.

My Life As JoJo

This is another toy that flies right off of the shelf. While people love the My Life Dolls, they certainly love JoJo. She is cute and I already know she will be hard to find the closer that Christmas creeps around.

Twisty Petz

Twisty Petz are new on the toy scene. However, these toys are also something we simply cannot keep stocked. Maybe it’s because of their low prices [?] However, you have to admit it’s a cute idea to have a toy animal that turns into a piece of jewelry.

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle

Not this game again! Yes, the Nintendo Switch has a bundle that comes with Fortnite. However, if you already have the Nintendo Switch, you can simply buy the game. I know that this game is still very popular among children and will be hard to find in a short period of time. If you know you’re child wants this game, you might as well buy it now.

I hope this post has helped you tremendously this Christmas season! I know as an adult it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest toys and gadgets that children want. Working in retail has really opened my eyes up to what the kids want and which items fly off the shelf faster than others. Please, share any comments or questions below. Did I miss any hot items? Also, share with anyone who may need this list to get their Christmas shopping done this season. 
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Hot Christmas items that are selling out fast. Don't miss these great deals!

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