Madhava Organic Pancake Mix: Flip for Flapjacks Product Review

After going vegan, I had a really hard time finding pancakes that were free of dairy. They all had egg whites or buttermilk. Even the healthier alternatives had dairy! I found one by Aunt Jemima without dairy products, but the label said, “May contain traces of egg and dairy”.

Ugh! I know there are many recipes to make your own pancakes, but I didn’t have one ready and I was with my whole family.

Later that day, we were at a Burlington store. We were just browsing and I saw a package that said “organic pancake mix.” I immediately walked down the aisle and picked it up. I couldn’t believe it! Dairy free pancake mix!

Since I’ve never heard of this brand, I wanted to do a review on it. Plus, you can purchase this product online without leaving your home!

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Review of Madhava Organic Pancake Mix: Flip For Flapjacks

Here’s a look at the box:

The nutrition label and ingredients:

When I opened the bag of mix, I could instantly smell the difference between this organic mix and the other mix I’ve always used. It had a much more wheaty and grainy smell.

However, it mixed and cooked like normal. There wasn’t any significant difference in that sense.


But the taste! It tasted so rich and delicious! My husband took one bite and said, “Mmmmm!” Even my son, who never finishes his pancakes, ate all of them! There was none left. I can say it’s safe to say that this pancake mix is definitely a keeper.

Review of Madhava Organic Pancake Mix: Flip For Flapjacks

I certainly recommend this pancake mix. My reason for sharing this review with you is because my life would’ve been made so much easier if I would’ve found this post myself (before spending a half hour in the pancake aisle at Walmart).

It’s in my plans to create my own pancake recipe soon, but for now, this Madhava Organic Pancake Mix is hitting the spot!

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