Mindsets of Wealthy People That Lead To Success

A truly wealthy person wins at life because of their winning mindset. The battle is all in the mind.

Mindsets of Wealthy People

In the blog post Habits Of Wealthy People, I covered several different routines of successful people that set them up to succeed. However, more important than habits are the mindsets that produce them. Habits can always be broken or made, but the mindsets of wealthy people will always produce beneficial results.

Our mind controls everything we do. By making decisions, we can achieve our goals much faster than we could ever imagine. The mindsets below will change your life completely if you allow yourself to become fully immersed by them.

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It’s Possible

The wealthy believe their dreams are possible to achieve. I’ve tried to help multiple people who simply believe, “I can’t do that.” But why not? The wealthy visually see it happening for them and know without any doubt it will be theirs.

There would be no actions without belief. The only reason why people continue to fight for their dreams is that they believe 100% it will be theirs. For example, people eat healthy and workout because they fully believe it will yield amazing results for their body. Therefore, they’re willing to endure the pain of today to receive the harvest of tomorrow.

I Can, I Will, I Must

Do whatever it takes to succeed.

Success isn’t an option, but a necessity. Therefore, it’s not possible for the ambitious to neglect working on their dreams. It’s just as important to them as breathing. Successful people decide what their purpose is and they’ll endure anything to achieve it. They know anything less than their dream won’t satisfy them.

There is no plan B. Determined people believe the only way to be fulfilled is to achieve their dreams. They’re willing to work day and night, go without sleep, and even forget to eat because they’re so caught up in chasing their dream. Wealthy people breathe determination.

I’ll Never Quit!

If you can look up, you can get up.

-Les Brown

Quitting isn’t in a successful person’s vocabulary. Since they’ve already counted the cost, they don’t change their mind when things get tough. Instead of saying, “I’ve tried 1,000 times and failed”, say “I’ve learned 1,000 ways that do not work.” When you fail and make mistakes, you’re much more close to achieving your dreams. Sometimes it takes some process of elimination, but if you keep at it you will be successful.

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7-8 NLT

How much time do you think a baby should have to learn to walk… until they quit? Never! Babies must learn to walk. It doesn’t matter how many times they fall down. They continue to try until they finally succeed.

Who Cares What Other People Think?

In order to succeed, you have to be willing to go against the current. The poor mindset is infectious and spreads like wildfire. People will call you crazy and tell you to give up. When you fail, the people you love the most will ask you, “Why don’t you try something else?”

You’ve got to trust in yourself. You’re not living for other people, but to achieve your own goals and accomplishments. You don’t want to listen to other people and have nothing but regret by the end of your life. No one else will have to deal with those feelings of regret but you.


Wealthy people have a positive outlook on life. They expect great things to happen to them and in result, they receive it. When things go wrong, they learn from every situation and find a way to turn the situation around. They stay above the negativity and remain productive while everyone else procrastinates.

Positive people speak well about other people. They don’t tear others down or try to make people look bad. Instead, they act out of respect and honor. All human beings are special and should be treated kindly. It takes a mature person to treat someone they do not enjoy with kindness.

Failure Is Not An Option

The more you fail, the closer you become to success.

Although people make mistakes and experience setbacks, the ultimate failure is not trying or giving up. The most life-changing inventions that exist today exist because of constant trial and error.

For example, a man named Spencer Silver was trying to invent a super sticky adhesive. Unfortunately for him, he failed and created something way weaker. He thought, “Well, what can this be used for?” That man was the creator of Post It Notes.

Most poor minded people are too afraid of failing to try. But an expert has failed more times than the average person has tried. There’s no shame in failing as long as you do not quit.

My Success Is Up To Me

Poor people tend to blame others or external circumstances as to why they’re not successful. However, the successful mindset knows the only way they will get out of life is by putting into it. There’s a law of the universe called sowing and reaping.

If you want great results, you must take great action. While poor people go with the flow and hope that someday they’ll have their dreams answered, rich people get up early to work on achieving their desires. These are the people that usually carry a planner with them to ensure they’re using their time wisely.

Nothing can replace hard work and discipline. Life will only give us what we deserve. The farmer doesn’t reap in the harvest season because he needs it. He reaps because he’s earned it.

Pain Is Necessary For Growth

A mediocre person doesn’t want to endure any kind of pain at all. However, there is no growth without pain. If you want muscles, there will be pain before the results. When someone’s in physical therapy, they endure pain to regain capabilities in their damaged region. For a woman, having a baby can be the most painful experience of her life. Yet, it produces the greatest joy she could ever receive.

Instead of running away from pain, wealthy people face it head-on. They know the pain they’ll suffer now is not even close to the amount of joy the results will yield.

No Excuses

If you beleive in yourself, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

“I’ll do whatever it takes, however long it’ll take, and I won’t stop until it’s mine.” For the driven person, there is no excuse that’s good enough for them to stop. Even when the mind tries to battle them, they speak themselves into action.

This is because they’re not willing to let anything stand in their way of making their dreams a reality, not even themselves! The bodybuilder doesn’t always feel like working out, but they do it anyway. A successful person doesn’t allow their emotions to rule over their actions. They make decisions with their mind and follow through with it.

If They Can Do It, So Can I

The poor person thinks other people are somehow more special than they are. When they see someone successful, they wish they could be like them. They say things like, “Must be nice…” or “I wish I could…”. The rich person sees success and feels joy and inspiration. They can truly be happy for successful people and be inspired to go after their own dreams.

No human is more capable than another. We all start as babies without anything. We cannot choose our color, our sex, our family, or our looks. Nevertheless, the one thing we can control is our effort. Skills and wisdom are learned. You truly can decide what you want to do with your life and begin to move toward that destination.


Wealthy people weight the results and choose to sacrifice today’s pleasure for tomorrow’s success. They’re not ashamed to tell people that certain lifestyles aren’t fitting for them. They may have to sacrifice sleep, party nights, and their addictions.

So many people allow addictions to hold them back from achieving what they truly desire. They want to be healthy, but they ‘can’t’ quit soda. Although they want a flatter stomach, they continue to drink beer constantly. They want a better bank account, but they can’t keep themselves out of a store when there’s a sale.

Take Inventory

Which areas of your life aren't producing good results? Find out and then cut them out.

Rich people take inventory of their life. What things are not producing good results? Then, they cut those things off. On the flip side, they look for things that help them achieve their goals. They implement more of those things into their life.

They examine their weak areas. We all have weaknesses. The poor minded individual will try to not think about those shortcomings. However, the rich will overcome them by pinpointing them and confronting them. Devise a plan that will enable you to succeed despite your weaknesses.

Also, wealthy people manage their emotions well. When they feel negative emotions arising, they react in their mind. They ask the question,’why’? Why do I feel upset (sad, angry, frustrated, etc.)? How can I fix this? You don’t have to feel any way that comes to you. You have the ability to choose.

Personal Mind Meetings

An extremely helpful mind tool is to sit down and check in with yourself. Ask yourself questions like: Am I on track? What can I learn from what happened today? Am I adding value to others? Do I need to rest?

The poor mind allows anything to happen without checking in with themselves. Instead of asking why they’re upset and how to fix it, they simply act out of that anger. This ruins relationships and causes others to avoid them.

Self Communication

Self-communication is similar to the previous mind tool. However, this refers directly to commanding yourself to override your emotions. For example, my husband doesn’t always feel like going to the gym when he wakes, but he commands himself to get out of bed and go anyway.

While making decisions, it’s important to keep the desired end result in mind. If you have a strong enough reason, you’ll be encouraged to continue fighting when the battle gets difficult.

Do It Now

Get it done now. You never know what the future may hold.

Overthinking can cause damage to our dream. It’s true that we should operate in wisdom. However, action is what’s needed to reach our destination. Instead of thinking an action to death, just do it if it needs to be done. People can talk themselves right out of doing what’s necessary.

By acting quickly, there will be no time to come up with excuses. Refuse fear access to your mind.

No one knows what the future has in store. Take advantage of your time now and use it to the best of your ability. Don’t let any time go to waste. Successful people understand that time is running out. We only have so much time on this earth to achieve our goals.

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9 thoughts on “Mindsets of Wealthy People That Lead To Success

    1. I agree. Once I started listening to his tapes, I was addicted. Because of that, I’ve moved on to more speakers such as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and Eric Thomas. Everyone needs motivation. =)

  1. My favorite one is personal mind meetings. I love to self reflect and check in with myself often.
    If we let our minds roam free, it will get us into so much trouble.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Judy @sensibledove

  2. This is just what I needed to read to get my day started right! ? I have recently undergone a complete mindset shift after realizing that we’re not getting any younger, but want to walk in the vision we had for our lives. Sadly, my mom passed suddenly almost 2 years ago, which got me thinking about all the things I wanted to achieve and I started investigating how I could make it happen. The first thing I discovered is that I was letting life happen to me and that I was just being blown by a breeze and ended up doing things that I swore I would never do (because I didn’t want to let people down or the opportunity presented itself). I realized that I hated my job and that I was drinking way more than I should to feel better about my situation. That’s when I started listening to Tony Robbins and Les Brown and my whole way of thinking has changed. We re-started the businesses we had given up on before, I quit my job, and spend my days learning and making things happen for us. Now, we have over 10k folks we reach every day and are in partnership with several brands and are working on our first products. I jump out of bed each morning, knowing that every thing I do makes the difference toward our goals. That’s why I appreciate your post so much because you remind me how far I have come in this very brief journey because my mindset has shifted. ??

    1. This absolutely warms my heart! I’m SO excited for you! In only two years, you’ve completely changed the direction of your life and began to actually enjoy it. People like you are inspirations to all of us and I live for stories like yours. Tony Robbins and Les Brown changed my life also!

      Jumping out of bed in the morning is a great place to be: when your dreams and goals drive and excite you. I cannot wait to see what your first product will be like (absolutely awesome, I’m sure). Thanks for this comment! Continue being great and designing your own destiny!

  3. Great content! I definitely agree with you a 100%. Winners always get up after they fall time and time again. Anything is possible with the mindset that success is a necessity, not an option. When you are desperate enough to change, believe me, you will lol.

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