Using Pinterest To Explode Your Blog Traffic

Using Pinterest as a blogger

When I first began blogging, I had no idea how important having a Pinterest for my blog was. As I started to learn how to gain traffic to my blog, Pinterest was always recommended. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest and I’ve learned many things along the way that I’m sure can help other people as well.

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After You Create Your Pinterest Business Page

There are many things to do next. First, go to your settings and enter something in the ‘about you’ section. However, don’t just write anything. Use keywords. Tell people what your blog is about. For example, mine says “money saving tips, health & fitness, and bible study tools”. If someone typed ‘money saving tips’ into the search bar, there’s a chance my profile may pop up.

(Don’t forget to claim your website on Pinterest.)

Next, add a nice picture of yourself or your logo. This will promote more people to follow you.

What is your blog niche about? Create Pinterest boards around these subjects and begin to pin other bloggers’ pins to them. By beginning to pin content like your own, you’ll attract your target audience to follow your page. Once you start pinning your own creations, these people will be more likely to click onto your website.


Create More Than One Pin Per Post

I have no clue why I didn’t realize this was a thing when I began blogging. However, everyone is different. There are people who like pink, white, and black pins. Others like red, orange, and black. Play around with the colors and fonts. The more great quality pins you create, the more potential traffic you can attract.

By using this strategy, I was able to increase my traffic by a ton. Also, did you know that you can hide pins in your posts? If you want to put a bunch of pins in your posts, but don’t want them all to show I can show you how.

First, put your pin in your post like you would any picture. Then, click over from ‘visual’ to ‘text’ in the upper right hand corner on WordPress when creating your post. This will transform your entire post into html form. (Wherever the text cursor is when you click this is where it will be in the text form.) You need to add two codes to the text.

Before the picture, add: <div style = “display:none;”>

After the picture, add: </div>

The end result will look like this:

I would suggest putting all (or most) of the pins you make onto the post for it. When people click the ‘share on Pinterest’ button, all the pictures will pop up (even hidden ones) for them to choose from. If you don’t put great quality pins in your posts, people will have nothing to share on Pinterest.

Get On Group Boards In Your Same Niche

If you’re not already on a bunch of different group boards, I suggest you get started on this today. A group board is a Pinterest board that more than one person can contribute to. By joining one, you can post your pins and have a larger reach. All the contributors and the board followers can potentially see and share you pins.

How To Find Group Boards

I found that the easiest way to find group boards is to find those who are in your niche. Go to their page and look at their boards. If you see any group boards, click into it. They look like this:

pinterest boards

You see how they have a lot of different people in the picture? Also, notice how all the names are related to my niches (healthy living & loving Christ). When you click into it, read the description.

joining group boards

This description tells you exactly how to join. It says to follow the Pinterest of the owner (which will always be the first picture in the top right corner) and send an email to them. Or you can send a message to them on Pinterest. Every group board is has different rules so be sure to read them carefully. Also, some boards may say “Not open to new contributors.” This means they are no longer adding anyone to the board.

Some descriptions won’t give any instructions. What I do in that situation is go to the owners page. If they have a website linked, I’ll go directly to their website. Usually everyone has a ‘Contact Me’ page where you can find their email address. Then, I’ll send them an email about wanting to join their group.

Some suggests you join at least 50 group boards. I do think you should join as many as you can. It’s a very time consuming task, so the quicker you get started, the better.

Using Pinterest as a blogger

Use Tailwind

Unfortunately, I waited to try Tailwind. I heard every blogger talking about it and how it was so great, but I didn’t want to invest in it. I was manually pinning every day to group boards. However, it took up to an hour a day. There was simply not enough time for me to continue on that way (since I work full time and have a child).

I took the chance and tried Tailwind. I’m so glad I did because now I have that hour a day to work on more important things – like creating more content for my readers.

Tailwind is a pin scheduler. You tell it what pins to post and where. Then, it does the rest. You can set up a few months worth of pins in just 30 minutes. I definitely recommend.

Use Tailwind Tribes

These are awesome! A tribe is where many bloggers gather and post their pins. Tribes require that all the bloggers share the content of others. This is a great thing because now all their followers will see your work.

You can search for tribes related to your niche. Then, you can join (or request to join). It doesn’t take much time and will certainly make an impact on your traffic.

I seen an explosion in my traffic once I began using Tailwind Tribes. It’s a wonderful thing and I certainly recommend you trying it to see if it’ll work for you, too.

Follow A Bunch Of People 

This is one tip I wish I would’ve known earlier. Some courses I’ve taken said followers don’t matter. Therefore, I thought they didn’t. However, I disagree now.

Here’s what I did. I went to pages of those in my niche with way larger followers. Then, I began to add their followers. (They’ve showed an interest in my niche by following that other page.) By doing this, my followers jumped from 400 to 2,400 in just 2 weeks. That’s an awesome thing! More people who are my target audience will now begin to see my content.


Pinterest is a great tool you can use to get more blog to your website. Some great strategies are:

  • Create more than one pin per post
  • Hide your pins in your post
  • Find and join group boards
  • Start using Tailwind
  • Take advantage of Tailwind Tribes
  • Follow a bunch of people who are interested in your niche

Has this post helped you at all? If so, please share it on social media to help support this blog. Are there any tips you can share regarding Pinterest? Please, let me know in the comments below. Check out these related posts:

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3 thoughts on “Using Pinterest To Explode Your Blog Traffic

  1. Great Post Ariel! I’ve followed most of these strategies and my pinterest traffic is about 1000 page views per month (my pinterest account is actually 655k monthly viewers). Another key aspect of getting traffic is definitely keeping active on Pinterest, what are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Marco!
      I certainly agree. I believe Pinterest rewards those profiles that are constantly in use. It shows they’re relevant and has today’s answer to the users questions. But I don’t know for sure.

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