7 Ways To Save Money On Groceries

Save money on groceries

Although we have many important bills, no one can deny that our monthly food bill is one of the most demanding. Grocery shopping may not be fun for everyone, but it’s certainly an important shopping trip. Because of the effects foods have on the body, I personally spend more on great quality foods and suggest for others to do the same. However, even while buying quality foods I still believe you have the right to save money on groceries. In this post, I’ll share with you some tips that will make this shopping experience a tad bit better.

Search For Sales

We live in a time where everything we can ask for is at our fingertips. That’s right- our cell phone. There’s an app called flipp that has all your current local circulars in one place. That means you can look for all the sales for this week by just entering your zip code. How easy is that?

Also, many of your local grocery stores probably have their own app that you can download. I know Walmart and Shoprite have their own app that you can order groceries right on your phone and pick up in person. Because of this, you can see and compare real prices from your store at the comfort of your home.

Plus, some of these stores may have coupons accessible on their apps so it’s definitely worth taking a look at. It’s a quick and easy way to save money on groceries.

Besides getting used to comparing prices and weekly sales, get acquainted with the different sales for each store. For example, Shoprite has a can-can sale every once in a while that easily cuts all their can prices in half. And Acme has a Buck-A-Bag sale that allows you to buy bags of produce for $1 each! Yes! I’m serious and it’s awesome!

Cook More

Cooking more meals is great for your family and health, but cooking a larger quantity is also great for your wallet. Make enough to have leftovers for the next day and save some time and money.

The main reason why people eat processed foods is that it’s convenient and saves time. By preparing more food in advance, you can curve the urge to buy processed foods. It’s a win-win!

Take A Meal To Work

So many people spend more than they need to by ordering out while on their lunch break. Instead of spending the additional dollars, bring some of the leftovers we’ve just discussed with you to work.

Sure, people may look at you weird if you always order out. But once they see how amazing that home cooked food looks, they’ll wish you would’ve brought them some!

Don’t Buy Foods That Go To Waste

Every house has certain foods that always go bad. Yet, we continue to buy it because we think we’ll eat it in time this time. Stop kidding yourself. Simply leave that product at the store for the next person to buy.

Save money on groceries


And if you don’t know which foods are being wasted at your house, now is a good time to begin noticing these things. For my family, we never eat all the salad we buy in time. I love salad and I always believe we’ll eat it all before the next shopping trip. But after eating like 3 bowls, I lose my appetite for it and the salad just sits in the fridge until we have to throw it out. One package isn’t enough and two is too much.

Stop Buying So Many Snacks!

Like seriously, how many snacks do you really need? (Talking to myself here!) If I have too many snacks in the house, I continually eat even if I’m not hungry.

But really, how many is enough? I decided to keep my limit down to two a week. That way, if I run out of snacks I have no choice but to wait until next week’s visit.

If you have children, buy them their own snacks and at least cut down a few packages a week. Buy them their absolute favorites and see if any snacks you buy goes to waste. That’s how you’ll find which ones to leave on the shelf.


Check Or Ask For In-Store Coupons

Many stores offer their own coupons for their loyal shoppers. Some will say “Save $10 off of a purchase of $50 or more” or something similar. I absolutely love these coupons because I already know I’m about to purchase more than $50 worth of food if I’m grocery shopping.

This is an easy way to save money on groceries so definitely find out if your local store offers something like this.

Save Money And Buy The Store Brand

I totally get wanting to be loyal to a certain brand, but if your store offers the same exact thing for a few dollars cheaper than you have to at least try it. Now, I will admit that there are some things that will absolutely never make it to my cart.

As much as I believe in buying store brand products, I also believe in spending a bit extra for better quality. Therefore, if you try the store brand and find it below average then don’t feel bad making the switch back to your favorite brand. There are other ways to save money and I really don’t believe you should sacrifice quality for a few extra dollars. You get what you pay for, after all.

Trust me on this. I buy Great Value brand organic marinara sauce and it’s amazing! But one time I bought the Great Value brand salsa dip because I didn’t want to pay the extra $1.50 for Tostito’s… let’s just say I wasted $2. I didn’t eat it after trying it! It was gross!

You just have to see what works for you and your family. If you have to buy a name brand food, always check online for coupons. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find at couponmom.com.

And there you have it! 7 ways to save money on groceries! If you need a recap, I’ll list them below.

  • Search for sales
  • Cook more
  • Take meals to work
  • Don’t buy foods that go to waste
  • Stop buying so many snacks
  • Find out if your store offers in-store coupons
  • Switch to the store brand (unless it completely sucks!)

Have you tried any of the tips above? How did it go? Which food does your household always waste for some reason? Please let me know and get the conversation going in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Simple and easy ways to save money on groceries | Personal finance | Budgeting

Ways to save money while buying groceries | Budgeting | Personal finance

Save money on groceries
Save Money On Groceries

Save Money On Groceries

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4 thoughts on “7 Ways To Save Money On Groceries

  1. I love saving money grocery shopping and I think I’m pretty good at it. I used to do a lot more freezer meals I really need to start doing that again since summer is coming and it will be crazy busy around here. One more thing I try to do is to shop at stores that give you points for free groceries, nothing satisfies me more than saving up points going in after 4-6 months and getting $300 groceries free! Thanks so much for the amazing tips!

    1. Yes! Some stores treat their customers so well. I used to coupon every week but had to stop once I began working full-time hours. I also love saving money on groceries! You’re welcome Jenn!

    1. Hey Tina!
      That flipp app is great! It has a search bar so you can type in what you’re looking for (let’s say ketchup) & it’ll search all the circulars for ketchup sales. You can save all your favorite stores so it’ll pull them up first. I definitely recommend!
      & I’ve been cooking at home more myself. I’m so surprised at how cheaper it is to eat. For example, rice and beans probably cost less than $2.00 for a cooked cup. & a pot of spaghetti only cost around $5.00.
      Also, I’ve started shopping at my local flea market for produce. They have great prices!

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