5 Ways To Save Money On Your Electric Bill Right Now


5 Ways To Save Money On Your Electric Bill Right Now

In modern America, cost of living can be very high depending on where you live. I want to help you save money in every way possible. This includes: your electric bill. With a large family, it’s extremely easy to be shocked when you open your electric bill. That letter can cause dread and stress in some people. Let’s look at ways that we can lower that ridiculous money theiving number.

1. Turn Off Your Extension Cords When They’re Not In Use

Whenever something is plugged in, it keeps eating electricity until the flow is stopped. The good news is most extension cords have a button that you can easily switch on or off. This is the most simple way. However, if it doesn’t have the switch you can always just unplug them from the wall. This is good because most of the time we have a bunch of stuff plugged in at once resulting in more electricity being eaten. Cut that flow off and save your money!

2. Unplug Everything!

Except your fridge. You don’t want to do that. I thought I would add this in here because it doesn’t just apply to extension cords. Everything eats electric when plugged in. Don’t believe me? Is your TV off? If it is, look at it. See that red light? That’s the standby light. That light is on to tell you that the TV is off. Pretty ridiculous right? Your TV eats electricity when it’s off just to tell you that it’s off. LAME!

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Same with everything else. Just look around your house. Phone chargers use electricity. Your microwave, toaster oven, blow dryer. Everything! Unplug it! It may seem crazy at first, but when you receive that bill in the mail you will be so surprised at how much you can save. Just remember not to get angry at your family if they leave something plugged in. It happens.

(Cable boxes eat A LOT of electricity. Please keep in mind that if you unplug it, your DVR will not record any shows for you.)


3. Be Mindful To Turn Off The Lights

This one is the easiest and the hardest. It’s easy to turn off the lights. It’s hard to make it a habit. Change your mindset into, “every time the light is on, I’m paying for it” because it’s true. Remember to shut them off when you leave a room or the house. Try to eliminate extra lights. (There’s no reason to have the top light and a lamp on at the same time.) You can switch to energy saving light bulbs.

Open up the blinds during the day. There’s no need to have the lights on when there’s a perfectly free light source outside. Take advantage of it and save your money!

4. Use Your Phone Flashlight

Almost every one has a smart phone, which is great. These devices come with a built in flashlight. This is great for when you have to go in a separate room for just a sec. You don’t have to turn the light on in that room, just use your phone. I personally do this a lot. I only turn on a light if I know my family and I are going to spend quite some time in a particular room.

5. Do All These Things… At Night

The recommended sleep time for a human being is 8 hours. That’s a bunch of hours every day that we don’t have a need for electric. Unplug everything before you go to bed, including extension cords. Turn off all the lights. (I would recommend turning off the porch light or having a sensor on it.) If you wake up in the middle of the night and have to use the bathroom, just use your phone.

I know a family of 4 who cut the cost of their electric bill in half (from over $400 to $200) by having a set time in which the electric would be off. They actually kept their internet on all night and still had amazing results. If they can, why can’t you?pinterest pin for saving money on electric bill

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