7 Tips To Avoid Looking Like A Newbie Blogger

Blogging for bloggers

Hey there! I’m Ariel Shanelle and I know many people are struggling online to figure out how this blogging thing works. It’s so exciting to have a website to call your own, but without the proper knowledge we begin to struggle. We struggle to get traffic and shares. Everyone blogger wants to be successful and I will help you any way that I can. Today I want to teach you how to look like a professional blogger (even if you just started).

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1. Use consistent picture sizes.

I so wish someone would’ve told me this when I first started. I had three different sized images on my home page. Talk about embarrassing! Now, I use 800 x 500 photos for my featured images and any horizontal photos. I use 600 x 900 for vertical images and my Pinterest pins. You can use those sizes if you want, as long as they are always the same size.

The way I do this is with Canva. If you head over to Canva.com, you can click on custom dimension in the top right corner.

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