What Does The Word ‘Redeem’ Mean In Hebrew And Greek?

The Lord is Israel's Redeemer.

In modern society, the word redeem isn’t very common. Although many people are in debt, they don’t use the word redeem when talking about paying off debt. It seems to be a bit old and out of style. However, it’s a very important word when talking about God. He is truly our Redeemer and has paid an incredible price for us to have a wonderful relationship with Him. Therefore, it’s necessary to take a look at what the definition of this word redeem means in the original Bible languages.

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All scriptures are taken from NKJV unless otherwise marked.

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What Does The Word ‘Redeem’ Mean In Hebrew?

ga’al- to deliver, redeem, act as a kinsman, avenge. The basic use of this word had to do with the deliverance of people or things that have been sold for debt. For example, in Leviticus 25:25-26 ga’la is used in such way: . If a poor man sold himself to another Israelite (or even a foreigner among them), then the nearest relative to that man had the responsibility to redeem him (buy him back). The person who redeemed their family member is known as a kinsman. Also, following the ‘eye for an eye’ theory, a redeemer was called the “avenger of blood” when taking on the responsibility of executing his brother’s murderer (found in Deuteronomy 19:6). Read more