How To Read A Nutrition Label: Is It Food Or Poison?

Shopping for wholesome quality food doesn't have to be hard.

How To Understand The Nutrition Label

Once I learned how to read what was in my food, my diet completely changed. You won’t believe how many poisons are in our foods that the FDA recognizes as safe. (Although they’re banned in other countries!) This simple skill was life changing for me and I love the feeling of being in control of what I put inside my body.

There are plenty of important things to look at when reading a label. I will go over them all with you. Then, I’ll explain my process of reading it when purchasing foods. I can guarantee that learning how to read a nutrition label will change your life and your health for the better!

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What Is The Serving Size?

The serving size tells you the amount of food you need to eat to obtain all the nutrients/toxins listed below. Usually the serving size is an amount that’s easy to measure like a cup or a package.

Here’s an example of sizes: if the serving size is 1 cup and there’s 2 servings per container, that means you’ll be eating 2 cups per container. This means you’ll be consuming 2x the nutrients on the label if you eat the whole thing. It’s pretty simple. Ask yourself, “How many servings am I eating?” Read more

Trans Fat Is Harmful To Human Health

What Is Trans Fat?

Trans fat is created in a factory where they take hydrogen molecules and pump them into vegetable oils. This transforms them from a liquid into a solid. In order to dump the hydrogen molecules into the oil, they must heat it to dangerously high levels and is chemically treated.

Once the oils have been hydrogenated, the oil is now a solid a room temperature and has a much longer shelf life. Vegetable oil now becomes margarine and is used in all sorts of products. This is why cookies can survive so long in the cabinet or why shortening can be used way after purchased.

Why Is Trans Fat Harmful

In November of 2013, the FDA determined that hydrogenated oils are no longer GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for human consumption. There is absolutely nothing natural about trans fats and didn’t exist 50 years ago. They’ve been connected to at least 30,000 premature deaths in the United States each year. Read more