Grow In The Spiritual Fruit of Goodness

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All scriptures are taken from NKJV unless otherwise marked.


“Depart from evil and do good.”

-Psalm 34:13

How are you feeling today? Did you wake up refreshed? Or did you have a hard time sleeping last night? Was it easy getting ready today or frustrating? And other people, how have they treated you today? All these things affect us, but the way to conquer those things is by keeping a good attitude. Things don’t have to be perfect (in fact, they never will be) for us to display the fruit of goodness. It’s a decision that we make. Decide, “I’m going to treat people good regardless of how I feel.”

I think it’s easy to forget the degree of Jesus’s sufferings. We remember him on the cross, but that was the end of His sufferings. The journey to the mount was way worse. His family tried to kill Him. The religious people of His day constantly plotted how they might overtake Him and kill Him. He lost a large portion of His followers when He told them He was the Living Bread and Water. John the baptist doubted Him. When Jesus needed His disciples to pray with Him and while He was sweating blood, they were snoozing away. One of His disciples betrayed Him and sold Him out for thirty shekels of silver. One of His best friends (someone who witness the transfiguration on the mount) denied Him.

He was beaten. They blindfolded Him and hit his face. Then, at the only hope of being released the town’s people shouted for the release of a murderer instead of Jesus. He was assigned to carry His own cross up a hill. Upon fainting, they appointed Simon to help Him. He was on the cross for 6 hours. That’s 360 minutes! He didn’t curse anyone or plot for revenge…. He just prayed for them.

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