What Is Olive Oil?

What is olive oil?

What is olive oil?

After my husband and I decided to begin eating healthy, we made a quick switch to olive oil after finding out the great benefits of it (and the dangers of many vegetable oils like canola). In our world today, olive oil is known to be a healthier, better quality oil. But exactly what is olive oil?

Olive oil is literally the fruit juice of olives. Seriously! How cool is that?!

How do we get orange juice? We apply pressure to the oranges until the sweet juice spills out of it. That’s exactly how this oil is made. Of course, there are more processes to ensure all oil is used from the olives. However, this yummy stuff contains a bunch of antioxidants and fights inflammation throughout the body.

How is olive oil made?

After the olives arrive at the facility, they are pressed on a machine until the texture is a paste. Then, the oil is separated from the watery substance in the paste. There is no heat involved in this step. (Otherwise known as cold pressed oil.) The high-quality oil from this first press is called extra virgin olive oil. Read more