Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Loved One That Isn’t Candy

Valentine's Day Gifts That Aren't Candy

Valentine’s Day can be a fun time of the year unless you avoid candy like I do. Every store has candy and teddy bears everywhere. They’re such cliché gifts and could be bought at any other time of the year. Valentine’s Day should be special and not something you participate in because you feel obligated to. It’s time to get creative because candy is not good for your health or your smile. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day gifts you can buy your loved one that’s not candy.


1. Apple Charging Station

2. Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

3. A New Phone Case


4. This Lovely Date Sign

5. “You’re The Man I Prayed For” Mug

6. DIY Mugs by

7. “XOXO” Shirt

8. Bath Bomb Gift Set

9. LED Flameless Candles With Remote

10. Gratitude Jewelry Holder


All ten of these Valentine’s Day gifts are great to give your special someone. They’re something they can uses and think of you while they do. Just because the stores are filled with candy and everyone else is buying candy does not mean that you have to buy candy too. Candy is usually just sugar, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, and sometimes gelatin. None of these things are beneficial to our body.

Make this year special buy giving them a useful gift. If you’re strapped for cash, you can check out these related blog posts:

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Great Valentine's Day Gifts without candy

Great Valentine's Day Gifts that aren't candyValentine's Day Gifts that aren't candyValentine's Day Gifts that aren't candy

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