Who Is Ariel Shanelle?

Nothing Is Impossible.


Hi there! I’m Ariel Shanelle. I believe life can be whatever you want it to be if you’re willing to put in the work. All things that are worth having require discipline, determination, and perseverance. But your dreams and desires are worth it! I want you to have a life that you enjoy and absolutely love to live. Arielshanelle.com is a place where you can learn how to become a healthier, wealthier you.

Ariel Shanelle | Who’s That?

I’m a wife and a mom who loves her family more than anything. I’m 100% dedicated to them. I also enjoy learning about anything the Lord puts in front of me. My passion is taking new knowledge and translating it to others in a simple way. My favorite things to study are personal finance, the bible, and all about the human body. This website is the perfect place to share all the exciting things I come across. If I ever find myself with down time, I’d prefer to spend it relaxing. (I currently work 32 hours a week on top of blogging.)

Let’s Connect!

I deeply desire to help others in any way that I can. You can connect with me via email at: admin@arielshanelle.com. Or you can add #Arielshanelle to any social media posting to get my attention. Either way, I’d love to hear more about your story and how I can help you right now.